Environmental Management


Environmental management is the set of actions that involve public policy, the productive sector and the society to the correct use of environmental resources. An environmental management system must cover a change of consciousness that causes us to think and adopt other ways of living today, thinking about tomorrow. Natural resources depend on responsible practices that should be managed by a collective action of the institutions, governments and society as a whole.

The main functions of environmental management are:

– Planning, defined as the process of prior determination of effective management actions;

– Organization, which depicts the establishment of formal relations between the actors in order to achieve the proposed objectives;

– Direction dealing with the process of determining (influence) the behavior of the actors involved (motivation, leadership and communication);

– Control that serves to compare the performance indicators with the previously defined standards

The environmental management process in an organization should be bound to the rules and laws that are drawn up by public authorities related to the environment. Legal norms should be references to an institution that wishes to adopt an environmental management system. Designing products and production processes that are environmentally sustainable without losing competitiveness and should be a banner mainly of companies.

The normalizes and its partners have experienced managers from different areas of expertise and academic background, combining strategic vision and expertise, thus offering solutions for the most varied demands of our customers.

Caring for the environment is everyone’s duty!


Environmental Licensing

– Preliminary License (LP), Installation License (LI), Operating License (LO);
– Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Impact Report (EIA-RIMA), Environmental Control Report (RCA) and the Environmental Control Program (PCA), among others.

Technical Reports

– Vegetation Cover Report;
– Report of Fauna and Flora;
– Report Execution Plant transplantation;
– Report pruning Plant.

Solid Waste

– Waste Management Plan Construction;
– Recovery of Degraded Areas Plan.


– Projects and Enforcement of Environmental Compensation;
– Design and Implementation of Urban Street Tree Planting in condos and housing developments (pruning, removal and transplantation);
– Landscaping Projects – “Urban Gardens” or “Hanging Gardens” – Implementation and Maintenance;
– Squares and Parks projects.

Advice and Technical Consulting

– Analysis of environmental studies;
– Compliance with current legislation;
– Technical Guidance on Environmental Licensing activities and enterprises;
– Environmental management for maintenance and management of green areas and disclosure of companies – Green Area Adoption (squares, parks and flowerbeds).

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