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Normaliza offers the most diverse services for product certification in many different organs. Browse and discover the services offered, as well as the concepts and business areas of the company.



Industry and Foreign Trade Support

Through technical support to industry and market the company performs an analysis of the product, following the relevant standards for the process, and are usually indicated in the regulation to be followed in order to identify possible changes required for certification of it.
as much as for domestic industry, the company aims to support the external market, that is, importers who need to regulate the products before the nationalization of the same, which is similar to the previous case, where a quick search for product regulation accelerate the turning of the goods.

Process Monitoring

This support is given from the first contact with the certification, analyzing the rules and regulations and the customer’s request a pre-product analysis can be performed, evaluating construction aspects and markings. In short, normalizes accompanies the entire process, transforming a product without certification in a certified product.

Lectures and Courses

The intent of this service is to clarify doubts regarding the Rules, Regulations, Ordinances, as well as providing training in order to use these documents, with the same be national or international.

Device Development Support

With the increasing demand of compulsoriedade in product certification, equipment and materials, it is very important the development of the various devices provided in the rules, so that the manufacturer can ensure the quality of your product running some tests described therein, during the production process. This service is to study the norm, design and produce the device.

Comparative tests

This service refers to conduct comparative tests to identify the best quality of goods or greater proximity with the requirements in the Rules, Regulations, Ordinances in its construction, trying to ease the certification process.

Support participation in Bids

This service refers to product modification, or monitoring in the construction process of the same, to meet the requirements of bidding.


Technical Standards

Are voluntary documents and technical content given by consensus involving all the stakeholders, which provide for design technologies and manufacture of products, design and services, technology transfer and management.
Technical standards refer in general classification, specification, test method, procedure standardization, symbolism and terminology, and in Brazil are developed and approved by the Brazilian Bar of standardization, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).


According to ABNT, defined by the standardization “process of producing and implementing rules to address neatly a specific activity, for the benefit and with the participation of all stakeholders and, in particular, to promote the optimization of the economy, leading into account the functional conditions and safety requirements.

Conformity Assessment

Systematized process, monitored and evaluated in order to provide adequate degree of confidence that a product, process or service, or a professional, meets pre-established requirements in technical standards and regulations at the lowest cost to society. Aims to inform and protect consumers, particularly with regard to health, safety and the environment; provide fair competition; encourage continuous quality improvement; facilitate international trade and strengthen the internal market.
Conformity assessment can be of three types:
First type:
Performed by the product supplier.
Second type:
Carried out by the buyer or user of the product.
Third type:
Made by an independent vendor and user / purchaser of the product.


The compulsory certification is a service provided by SBC official regulatory agencies and must be performed based on technical regulation indicated in the document that created and complemented by specific certification rule. Gives priority to security issues of interest to the country and the citizen, covering issues relating to animals, plants, protection of health, the environment and related topics.
can be accepted the participation of foreign bodies in the compulsory certification, provided there is proven equivalence or mutual recognition agreement between the system that accredited and the accreditation system administered by the Inmetro.


Body Product Certification (OCP)
Public, private or mixed entity, third-party, accredited by Inmetro, according to criteria established by it, to carry out the conformity assessment of products services.


Regulations conformity assessment
Are documents issued by INMETRO that specifies how a particular product certification will be held. In this document are arranged various information such as dates and be observed, minimum requirements, standards that the product must meet.


Brazilian Certification System (BCS)
The BCS was established by Conmetro – National Council of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality – by Resolution 08/92 (revised by Resolution 02/97) to establish a certification structure appropriate according to the needs of Brazil. The BCS is a system recognized by the Brazilian State and has its own rules and management procedures.


Certifications demonstrating that a conformity assessment body is competent to develop assessment activities specified accordingly.



Inmetro through the procedure for assessing conformity aims to inform and protect consumers, particularly with regard to safety and the environment providing fair competition, encouraging continuous quality improvement, thereby facilitating international trade and strengthening the way the internal market. This is a systematic process, monitored and evaluated in order to provide adequate degree of confidence that a product, process or service, or a professional, meets pre-established in technical regulations and standards at the lowest cost to society requirements .

“Our focus on certification processes is the reduction of cost and time involved in the projects. We work evaluating and modifying the products before sending them for testing, indicating the solutions to possible non-compliance and, in addition, because we have partnerships with certification bodies laboratories and got different conditions next to them. ”

More at the Institute’s website: Inmetro


“The approval of products ensures the consumer to purchase and use of telecommunications products complying with minimum standards of quality and safety, in addition to technical functionality regulated.
In this area, our main service provided is to coordinate the approval process, making it fast and as simple as possible. ”

More at the agency’s website: Anatel


In this area, our main services are: operating permit companies drug distributors; special authorization; import license; registration hygiene products, perfumes, cosmetics, food, raw material for packages, drugs etc .; amendment and reinstatement of records; record ownership transfer; assessment and hazard classification and extent of use of products; clinical research authorization among others.

More at the agency’s website: Anvisa


“CA is a Certificate of Approval for PPE – Personal Protective Equipment, regulated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE). By Norm 6, it is considered personal protective equipment every device or product, for single use used by the worker, for the protection risks susceptible to threat the safety and health of the individual. All uniform that give special protection to workers, such as protection against flame, acids and other chemicals, can be considered as PPE. Therefore, the equipment manufacturer, and he alone, can and should request the Ministry of Labour its CA
In this area, our main service provided is to coordinate the process of obtaining Ca’s making it quick and simple addition we assist our customers in purchasing decisions with their suppliers. ”

See more on the ministry’s website: MTE


“It has been common in the requirement of product certifications bids, to meet this demand and be qualified in this competitive market one should be strict compliance with the regulatory requirements. According to the bidding process may be required also only a few tests in accordance with standards force.

Our team, given the experience in laboratory testing, has all necessary know-how to adapt the requirements of product proposals and coordinating the testing and certification processes.

For more information or questions please contact us.”

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