Regulatory Subjects


Be competitive in the market subject to the Sanitary Regulation. With security, agility and differentiated service, the Normalize provides intelligent advice according to the needs and realities of our customers. Provide technical advice to the various companies related to the pharmaceutical market, chemical, food and equipment and health products.



Companies Settlement

Orientation, protocol and follow-up procedures concerning the settlement companies along the municipal health authorities, state and ANVISA in obtaining Permits toilets, Operating Permit and Special Authorizations..

Products Settlement

Guidance, monitoring and protocol registration procedures, notification and product Registration with the health authorities..

Certifications of Practice and Inspections

Consulting and training for the implementation of good practices to companies and establishments subject to sanitary regulation and preparation for receiving inspections and audits of ANVISA and health surveillance.

Foreign trade support

Settlement and adaptation of imported products to the standards set by ANVISA.


Sanitary Regulation

Ministry of health body, the states, the Federal District and municipalities responsible for the health surveillance of products for health..

Product Notification

Electronic process information from registration for certain product in the previous ANVISA to marketing.

Product Registration

Prior technical review process of certain products before marketing the same in the market..

Operating Permit

Private act of the competent organ of the Ministry of Health, responsible for the health surveillance of products containing permission for companies engaged in activities under sanitary surveillance system upon proof of specific technical and administrative requirements..

Special Permission

License granted by ANVISA to companies, institutions and bodies in the exercise of extraction, production, processing, fractionation manufacturing, handling, packaging, distribution, repackaging, import and export of controlled substances under existing national law.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Set of measures that should be adopted by the industry to ensure sanitary quality and conformity of products according to technical regulations.

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