Foreign entities interested in regularizing their products in Organs inspection bodies of Brazil, must have a company legally established in the country to be their legal representative.

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For foreign customers, who do not yet have commercial representation in Brazil, Normaliza acts as Legal Representative, being the holder of the certificate for the foreign manufacturer.

Our team will assist in the whole process until the regulation of the desired supervisory body is met, aiming to facilitate the technical and documentary analysis of the product, thus reducing the completion time.

The foreign manufacturer is responsible for executing and paying for the entire process until its conclusion, and can only commercialize its product, under a contract where Normaliza is exempt from any obligation arising from the trade or after sales.

Only the certificate holder and the companies designated by the certificate holder can use the obtained approval mark and consequently import and sell it in Brazilian territory.


- Company specialized in product regulation
- Agility and focus on reducing costs and deadlines involved
- Manufacturer can negotiate with different distributors using the same certificate
- Manufacturer holding the certificate directly, without depending on the local distributor
- Products regulated and marketed in Brazil, with the manufacturer's own brand.
- We manage the entire process for you!