Normaliza offers the most diverse services for the regulation of products in the most different inspection agencies (Inmetro, Anatel, Ministry of Labor, Anvisa, tenders).

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Company specialized in product regulation, providing support services to the manufacturer and importer, analyzing the requirements of Organs inspection agencies and identifying the solutions to enable the trade of products in the Brazilian territory.

Through technical support to the industry and the market, the company carries out an analysis of the product based on the norms pertinent to the process, which are indicated in a technical regulation to be followed, in order to identify possible changes necessary for its regulation.

As much as for the national industry, the company proposes to support the foreign market, that is, the importers who need to regulate the products before their nationalization, this case being similar to the previous one, where a quick adaptation of the products is sought to accelerate the goods turnover.



- Negotiation with certification bodies (OCP - Inmetro) or homologation (OCD - Anatel)
- Negotiation with accredited laboratories
- Pre-analysis of products and adaptation to standards
- Adequacy of the management system based on the ISO9001 Standard
- Monitoring of processes (certifier + laboratories)
- Obtaining the certificate (maintaining the certificate)
- Product registration (when applicable)


We set up the process for free
- Customized processes for each type of product and regulation
- We search for values with laboratories and regulatory bodies
- Focus on reducing costs and deadlines involved
- Agility and risk reduction of non-compliances during the process, avoiding rework
- We manage the entire process for you!